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Throwback Thursday: Naughty, not Nice with Callie Hutton @calliehutton

Today, I’m thrilled to have Callie Hutton here on the blog, sharing a fabulous historical tidbit with us!

author photoNaughty, not Nice

In my book, Seducing the Marquess, my heroine finds a naughty book in a bookstore. After acquiring it, she decides to use the advice in the book to entice her husband to make love to her as if she were a mistress. He’s been raised to believe he needs to be aware of his wife’s ‘delicate sensibilities,’ and not show lust and passion with her. Not so, says Eugenia.
A reviewer or two questioned the historical accuracy of my story. They claimed those sorts of books were not around in those days. Well, then. I saw that as a challenge. A very cursory search revealed such goodies as the very famous Kamasutra, published in the 3rd century, as well as other well-known stories such as Justine, by Marquis de Sade (1791), Fanny Hill (1748) and of course the very famous The School of Venus, or the Ladies Delight, Reduced into Rules of Practice, published in England in 1680.
So, dear readers, Fifty Shades of Grey was nothing new. Sex has been popular since, well, since the beginning of time.

Tell us something fun about the relationship conflict.

Devon is unhappy with his married sex life, but doesn’t know why. Shouldn’t he be aware of his wife’s delicate sensibilities? When Eugenia finds ‘the book’ and starts to use information to steam things up, Devon thinks she’s having an affair. He begins to follow her, while she’s following him to keep him from finding a new mistress. It made for some fun scenes.

How much research do you do?

Quite a bit. I have four binders full of Regency information, as well as a membership in the Beau Monde RWA chapter where I ask questions all the time. For Seducing the Marquess I had to find erotic books that were available in the time period. I did LOTS of research, in fact. Yes, LOTS . . . .

What do you like best about historical romance?

The restrictions. I think the fact that there were so many rules in place makes for excellent sexual tension between the couple.

book coverSeducing the Marquess

Lord and Lady Devon have a perfectly proper and good ton marriage. Devon is satisfied. And Eugenia was. Until she found the book . . .

Series Name: Lords and Ladies in Love
Genre: Regency
Heat level: One or two love scenes
ISBN: 9781539181712

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