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Diana Cosby – Where are you now?

Interview with DIANA COSBY!

1) Tell me a little bit about your Kensington debut book. What starts off the story?

The hero of His Captive is Sir Alexander MacGruder, a Scottish rebel and the middle of four brothers with one adopted.  The heroine is Lady Nichola Westcott, sister to the English Baron of Monceaux, Rothfield Castle.

His Captive begins when Alexander, a man whose guilt fuels him to take the most dangerous missions, volunteers to travel to England to abduct the English Baron of Monceaux to raise coin for the Scottish Rebels.  When Alexander arrives, the Baron is away.  Aware the baron and his sister are very close, and believing the baron will pay dearly for his sister’s release, Alexander abducts Nichola instead.

2) How many manuscripts did you write before selling?

This was my first sale, which included the first two books in the MacGruder Brother series.  I edited/rewrote His Captive at least five times before it sold.

3) What made you choose this genre?

I’d written a viking trilogy, which I enjoyed, then I watched the movie Braveheart.  I was intrigued by the political upheaval of the time, so when I began my next story, it was in the Robert The Bruce/William Wallace era.

4) What are you working on now?

I’m working on the 4th book in the MacGruder brothers series, “His Destiny.”

5) Do you have a current/upcoming release? Please tell me a little bit about the characters and story.

Book #2, His Woman, is currently available.  Sir Duncan MacGruder is the youngest of the MacGruder Brothers, and a man who has never forgot the woman who betrayed him, Lady Isabel Adair.  Lady Isabel hides secrets Duncan must never know, even if it means sacrificing to be with the man she loves.

On a deathbed vow, Sir Duncan MacGruder swears to save Lady Isabel Adair, the woman who three years before, broke their engagement to become an earl’s mistress.

6) Any news to share?

Awards:  His Woman/Duncan MacGruder – 4 star Romantic Times review, 2009 Booksellers Best Finalist, 2009 Booksellers Best Finalist, 2009 Judge A Book By Its Cover Finalist.
Sold books #3 & 4 in the MacGruder brothers series:  His Conquest – Nov 2010  /  His Destiny – Nov 2011
I was on the cover as well as the feature story for the July/August 09 issue of Texoma Living Magazine.

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