NEW RELEASE: Traitor in Her Arms by Shana Galen @shanagalen

Today, I’m thrilled to have Shana Galen here on the blog, sharing a brand new historical romance release with us!

book coverTraitor in Her Arms

Two morally compromised souls wage a battle of wits—and seduction—against the backdrop of the French Revolution in this thrilling romance from bestselling author Shana Galen.

Series Name: The Scarlet Chronicles
Genre: Georgian Romance
Heat level: One or two love scenes
ISBN: 9780399179105

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author photoWhat was the best part about writing this story?

I have always been fascinated by the French Revolution. The best part about writing this story has been reading more about the French Revolution and learning all the interesting little tidbits of information about the royal family, the revolutionaries, and the guillotine. It really was a study in what makes a revolution and why one goes wrong.

How much research do you do?

I did extensive research for this book and indeed the series as a whole. I read biographies of Marie Antoinette and books about the only surviving member of the French royal family, Marie Therese. In a sense I feel like I’ve been preparing to write this book since I was in fifth grade and read my first short biography about Marie Antoinette. My interest in the period and the people involved has never waned and the more I learned the more I asked what if. And then the more ideas for stories came to me, of course!

What are your favorite historical romance tropes?

I love fish out of water. Almost every single one of my books deals with this trope in one fashion or another. Traitor in Her Arms features this trope because both the hero and heroine are British citizens thrust into the frenzy of the Reign of Terror in France.

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28 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE: Traitor in Her Arms by Shana Galen @shanagalen”

  1. I enjoy nearly all the historical periods, although as I get closer to the first world war my interest wanes. So I’d say the Victorian is the last I’d enjoy. I’d write in most, and I enjoy reading most, but I tend to write in classical eras. My short story The Sacrifice is set in the Iron Age/Roman period, although it’s not a romance. I’m considering branching out and dipping my writing toes in romance.

  2. I used to only read Regencies. Now I spread a bit wider. I prefer to read the very late 1700’s through the 1800’s and
    stop before the World Wars. I still prefer the Regency Period.
    I read to escape so anything more modern I usually avoid.

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