Waste Time w/ Hot Guys

Quiz lovingly ripped from my pal Michelle Rowen‘s blog.

Click Here for the completely unscientific but all-around yummy Man Quiz, to see what kind of man most turns you on.

My results:

Exotic bad-ass

You scored 65% masculine, 65% athletic, 55% exotic, and 31% refined!

You want everything in a man at the same time! Masculine, built like a Greek god, exotic and mysterious and even some bad-ass in there too.

Amen. Can’t go wrong with an exotic bad-ass, I always say! How ’bout you?

7 thoughts on “Waste Time w/ Hot Guys”

  1. And what a way to waste some time…yummy!!! 🙂

    I’m so going to have to put this up on my blog tomorrow, since I’m giving away a copy of Rocki’s book this week. Of course, all props to you and Michelle will be given.

  2. Fun!

    I got:

    Buff bad boy

    You like your men with a boyish or feminine face but a manly body. You like him to posess bad boy looks while still maintaining some innocence. He looks like the all-American kind of hunk and I bet you love someone like…….Travis Fimmel.

  3. I got ‘Classic Scorcher’: 65% masculine, 71% athletic, 36% exotic, and 56% refined!

    I have to admit, some of those guys I felt a little weird even guessing between because both choices looked too damn young. And some of them I didn’t like either choice, so I picked the lesser of two yucks. Still, the guy in the picture for ‘Classic Scorcher’ was one I already thought was a looker. Cute quiz, Erica. Thanks. =o)

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