WRITER LIFE: 15 Minutes of Fame

Come celebrate my 15 minutes of fame with me!

No, no, I’m not on TV, I haven’t had an affair with any presidents, nor have I entered rehab, rode shotgun with Britney’s baby, or anything of that nature.

What I *did* do was have a lovely quote (about 3 paragraphs) in the RWR. (Romance Writer’s Report)

The funniest part was that I responded to the article’s author many months ago, and after a receiving a “thank you for contributing; please don’t go postal if we don’t print your comments” response, I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

I certainly had no idea the darn thing was actually in the mail.

Manda was the first to email me. She posted to our private loop something along the lines of: “Erica! You’re famous!”, to which my response was a blank, “Huh?”

She got her RWR *days* and *days* before I did (because she’s in the mafia or something–gotta be perks somewhere) but this weekend it finally showed up in my mailbox, too.

I can’t believe I let 5 whole days go by without blogging about this. (In my defense, it’s been a really busy 5 days.)

OK, OK, enough teaser text. Here’s the real scoop. The article was on whether or not authors believed in the existence of a muse. My quote is as follows:

Considering that I have an open mind for things like ghosts and magic and that I firmly believe in the power of positive thinking, you might think I have a muse. I don’t. I just have me.

If I don’t feel like writing, it’s because I’m in a snarky mood, not my muse. Knowing that I have nobody to blame but myself keeps me parked in my chair with my fingers on my keyboard. Besides, I don’t want to share the glory with a muse when I do get rich and famous someday. (I can dream, right?)

NOT having a muse influences my writing because being in charge of putting words on the page makes me more accountable and more determined to stick to my goals. My lack of belief in a muse might be almost superstitious – if I allow myself to attribute my successes and failures to a muse, I might allow myself to become lazy in my writing and sticking to schedules.

And if you’ve been reading the blog for even a few minutes, you know how fantastic I am about sticking to my schedules… hahahahahahaha<<<choke>>> =)

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